Master Artist

Done in the Tradition of a True Plein Air Master. Traditional Art done in Oil on Canvas.

Traditional Fine Art

Peguero Sketches from India

A collection of rural sketches from the temples of India

Peguero Art

A work of art that is hand crafted by a master artisan to enjoy and last a lifetime. A painting that is very sensual and always the center of attention for old friends and new guests. All Peguero original oil paintings are “one of a kind” originals that can be found in private collections worldwide, from the DR to the UK and as far away as India. Peguero Artwork is never mass produced with 100% being “original only” artwork. The months that it takes to complete each work ensures the owner has a unique estate piece that will be passed down through the generations.


Nothing can compare and there is nothing more beautiful than fine oils on canvas.
Oil is more than just a medium captured by an artist. This is a special form of art with its own history and philosophy.
I can say that my life experience has a great effect on my works. With age, the colors get deeper and gain a more philosophical meaning.

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Exclusive original fine art collection

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